The S.M.A.R.T. Strategy.

Learn what the S.M.A.R.T. strategy is all about.

Here at Maximum Potential, we focus on five key elements.
Sports specific development
Mental endurance & motivation
Academic Advancement
Recording & Recruitment

Sports Specific Skill Development will help you to learn the fundamentals of your sport, your position, and to better understand and preempt the moves of your opponent. Through this, as well as coaching on how to outmaneuver your opponent, you will develop the sports specific skills you need to defeat your opponent. Sports specific skill development can be done one on one, with a group, or with a team.

Mental Makeovers start off with a video session where we will review your game film with you and show you how to maximize your skills and knowledge of the game. After the film review, we will coach you on how to mentally prepare for the game as well as how to mentally prepare for college. In maximizing your leadership abilities we will go over how to overcome adversity, how to engage in public speaking effectively, as well as speaking to media. To further maximize your abilities as a leader, we will guide you through a community service project as well. Last but not least, because your mind is only as good as your body, an individualized nutrition plan including but not limited to what to eat, drink, and think in preparation for the game will also be designed for you in this stage.

Academic Advancement will put you ahead of the game when colleges start scouting. Through preparations for the ACT, help with scholarship searches, financial aid completion assistance, mentorship, and an individualized career portfolio, you will stand out from the crowd. Through Academic Advancement, you will be at your best both in the game and in the classroom.

Recruitment Assistance includes an individualized recruitment portfolio which details the information colleges want most, including your stats and strengths. Game film will be sent out to colleges that interest and fit you best. Ultimately Recruitment Assistance will be given in how to choose from the colleges that interest you most, and how to pick a coach that will highlight your character, education, and talent as a player. Recruitment Assistance includes help in clearinghouse completion.

Top Notch Training starts with increasing your strength, balance, speed, quickness, agility, and conditioning to your Maximum Potential. Top Notch Training also includes jump training and learning how to make your body work for you instead of working against you. Top Notch Training can be done one on one, with a group, or with a team. With Maximum Potential Training, you will receive proper training and technique which promotes injury prevention.